06/03/14 - Street Food Talk

Street Food Talk 

Thu, 06/03/2014, 

I want to share my passion and love for food and keep you up to date with some of the great British produce that we grow and use not only at City Hall, but also in our homes.

Over the coming weeks and months, I want to share with you the highs and lows of our produce and the up and coming trends. I will also share some of my favourite recipes as well as some subliminal up-selling for London’s Kitchen…well it is my job.

Wow what a wet winter it has been, I am glad spring has finally sprung and we should start to see some great British fruit and vegetables coming through. Although talking to the guys in the markets, things are running very late due to the bad weather we have had. Weather issues over the past couple of months have not only affected UK produce but further afield as well.

Here is a snapshot from British growers on how some of our great products have fared:

Reb Cabbage
The quality and the colour of red cabbage is good but the larger heads have now stopped and we are only seeing smaller ones.

Forced Rhubarb
Forced rhubarb is starting to appear, you should have seen we have had some great rhubarb compote in our yoghurts this week, the quality is amazing!

Cauliflower & Curly Kale
These two vegetables have been really badly affected by the weather, which is reducing the yields from the field and will undoubtedly have a knock-on price effect.

Potatoes & Onions
Potatoes and onions have stood up much better, with only blemishes on the skin of the potatoes not affecting the quality and a slightly smaller size onion.

Street food is still the trendy option, in the high street with more and more street food restaurants opening. A great example of this is bunny chow. It is a traditional South African curry street food. This company has been moving around the city as a street food vendor, but they have just opened their first permanent restaurant in Boxpark, Shoreditch London.

In London’s Kitchen, we are embracing this continual growth and concept with the introduction of the chicken shawarma and warm knobez bread. We are also looking to bring back chicken katsu, which was very popular.

Anyways that is from me by way of an introduction to my first update I need to get back to the stoves to cook lunch I will see you all again in 6 weeks, if you want to talk to me, come & visit London’s Kitchen, I am always around.

Executive Head Chef, Simon.